Gain complete control over user interaction with your client devices.

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ThinLaunch Software® develops, delivers and supports software products designed specifically to provide control over user hardware devices in a unique yet simple way.

Thin Desktop

You control how a user connects to virtualized resources or uses local applications. You also control how devices and users utilize any underlying local resources: full support for VMware View, Microsoft RDP, and Citrix XenDesktop.

Thin Browse

Take complete control over user interaction with Internet Explorer. You control settings and connections to web based virtualized resources, local web based applications or connections to local or external web locations, host names or IP addresses.

Thin Connect

Put the power and flexibility of Thin Desktop and Thin Browse together – providing complete, seamless control of the client device and Internet Explorer.

About ThinLaunch Software

Whether you have an existing PC, a new PC, a thin client or some other Microsoft based hardware device, our products are installed, deployed and easily managed. You decide how a user interacts with the device.

How? All of our products are Microsoft applications – packaged, managed, deployed and installed like any Microsoft application. Simply deploy and manage our products like you would any Microsoft application – and do so using the methods you use today in your Microsoft environment.

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Thinlaunch® Software Announces Thin Browse® Version 2.2

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ThinLaunch® Software Announces Thin Desktop® 3

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ThinLaunch® Software Announces New Web Presence

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ThinLaunch Software® is a committed to providing complementary products for use with products from industry leaders like Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.