ThinLaunch Software® develops, delivers and supports software products designed specifically to provide control over user hardware devices in a unique yet simple way.

Thin Browse

Take complete control over user interaction with Internet Explorer. You control settings and connections to web based virtualized resources, local web based applications or connections to local or external web locations, host names or IP addresses.

Thin Browse® Use Case Examples

Corporate Customer (Private Sector, Web Based Access)


The Company acquired the latest web based connection capability to replace the vendor’s existing client connection methodology.  The web based client need to be deployed on existing images with several different versions of Internet Explorer. The initial pass at using GPO and IE settings failed when used across multiple device types, IE versions and OS versions.


Install Thin Browse on the local client device to control the web based device connection. Thin Browse sits on top of IE, providing controls for the web based access destination. Thin Browse directly launches only the specific web based connection. Once created, the Thin Browse configuration file was easily deployed to multiple devices, insuring the same user experience and connection at each device. Once connected, the credentials provided resulted in the delivery of the correct user environment.

In addition, some devices also used Thin Desktop and Thin Browse together to automatically launch the Web based connection. These approaches were chosen over a “Zero Client” environment because of the significantly lower cost and the requirements for local Microsoft driver support at the device. This approach was also attractive because it did not introduce the costs and complexity of a “Zero Client” configuration and management facility.

Medical Practice (Medical, Internet Access)


The practice had multiple devices dedicated to accessing web based supplier portals. A well-known hardware device purchased to perform spam filtering, virus protection and web site filtering. It proved to be expensive, complicated and ineffective for web filtering of the multiple supplier web portals. In addition, employees sometimes ignored the “Business Use Only” policy regarding internet access.


Install the Thin Browse application on the local devices. Thin Browse was installed and configured in minutes, insuring access to only the secure supplier portal destinations from each device. Unauthorized user attempts initiated a warning and redirected the user to the company internet policy before allowing the user to return to one of the designated portals.

Food Manufacturer / Distributor (Manufacturing, Web Based Application)


This food Manufacturer wanted to provide limited, secure and restricted access to several web based functions for a variety of local user devices. Web based destinations included a time clock application, earnings / payroll information, and a web based connection to user specific application resources.


Install Thin Browse on the client device. Thin Browse was configured in minutes to allow only the designated Web destinations and user interaction with the browser. These destinations included both internal and external web based resources.

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